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Twisted Sister – Stay Hungry Track 5

Just got back from K-days where I saw Twisted Sister! It was fucking amazing! They came out, and they were all there J J French, Eddie Ojeda Dee Snider Mark “The Animal” Mendoza A J Pero, all the original members of the band, in there makeup and getups fucking awesome!

Every single song was amazing, especially We’re Not Gonna Take It, The Kids Are Back, I Wanna Rock, and You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll, well, every song that they played really…

There were a bunch of people carried off by the police, most of them didn’t strugle, but there were the odd few who did.

Wish I had a damn camera, I would have taken a bunch of pictures and put them up, I was almost right at the front (1 person back from the fence that seperated us from the stage!). Woulda gotten a bunch of amazing shots from there.

Even got to shake Dee Snider’s hand, and talk to him as he was signing my shirt!

Then I hung around a bit and played some carney games… I played the plate smashing game, where you throw balls at plates that are standing on a ledge. You need to smash 2 plates, and I kept on getting only one. Then I went over and tried my luck at another throwing game with “cats” standing up on a shelf, you had to knock 3 down… I wasn’t very good at that one either. I then went to a game where you have to pop balloons with darts, the guy that was working there said even if I missed everything I still got a prize, and so… of course… I missed everything, I got a little fish as a prize. Then I played again, and he said that he would give me four darts and count each one as 2 pops. I hit 4 balloons and got a bigger stuffed animal. Then I went to the guess your age thing (while I was standing in line for the autographs some girls said that I looked 23, so I said what the hell…), and evidently they were right cause the girl that was doing the guessing was way off, so I got another stuffed animal. Not sure what I am going to do with the animals at the moment.

Anyway… gotta get some sleep, its 1 am.


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