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Wired News: Army Game Proves U.S. Cant Lose

Well… I guess it could be seen as a recruitment tool… but then, who would it be targeted at? and would these people be the recruits that the army is looking for?

The average gamer who plays army games still is quite young and has the attention span of a ferret on crack. If this is the demographic that they are going after then they are probably right on target.

Their original game that was used as a ‘recruitment tool’ was way better… it is called America’s Army, it has two human teams pitted against each other, and players can actually learn from their mistakes, whereas the AI in this new game does not (apparently).

Still… they spent 1.5 million dollars (US) on this, and that ain’t too bad if they get a couple recruits per hundred downloads.

Me? I am going to stick with America’s Army.



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