The don’t mess with it files 1

I was playing around with the settings in the CompizConfig Settings Manager today to see what was there. Who could resist all of the buttons? (Hint: Not me) Apparently I mucked something up pretty bad, because my cursor was disappearing randomly. It was still there, I could see it hovering over links and buttons, but it was invisible. Kind of annoying. So I decided that it was Compiz’ fault, and messed around with more settings (I think I changed this one before, maybe it should be this! No… the cursor is still disappearing crap…). Finally I decided to reset all of the settings to default and rebooted the computer (old habits die hard). That worked. So I started messing with the Compiz settings again. So far I still have a cursor. Maybe I should quit while I am ahead… (I think I may have just lost the mouse again)…

Anyway, here is some eyecandy for you mac fanboys/girls…

ADD HelperNegative

coverflowNegative Window only

Taskbar window previewShow desktop

Multi desktop view


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