A King and a Friend

A King and a friend,
One in bed,
T’other as he fled,

For what?,
To become the despot,
Of the lands of Scot,
All for naught,

A prophecy,
Which was lucidly,
Taken in fallacy,
By the dame and He,

Two, insane,
A whisper campaign,
Attempts to destroy the thane,
Does but agitate his mane,

An unsightly irk,
By his close friend’s smirk,
His image a murk,
The seat its perk,

Here comes a sire,
The good Macduff and his hire,
Who fight fire with fire,
And exact their ire,

Of a poor maid,
Could cope with her trade,
Only with the blade,

The final strife,
Over a dead wife,
End of a life,
With the end of a knife,


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