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Twisted Sister – Stay Hungry Track 5

Just got back from K-days where I saw Twisted Sister! It was fucking amazing! They came out, and they were all there J J French, Eddie Ojeda Dee Snider Mark “The Animal” Mendoza A J Pero, all the original members of the band, in there makeup and getups fucking awesome!

Every single song was amazing, especially We’re Not Gonna Take It, The Kids Are Back, I Wanna Rock, and You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll, well, every song that they played really…

There were a bunch of people carried off by the police, most of them didn’t strugle, but there were the odd few who did.

Wish I had a damn camera, I would have taken a bunch of pictures and put them up, I was almost right at the front (1 person back from the fence that seperated us from the stage!). Woulda gotten a bunch of amazing shots from there.

Even got to shake Dee Snider’s hand, and talk to him as he was signing my shirt!

Then I hung around a bit and played some carney games… I played the plate smashing game, where you throw balls at plates that are standing on a ledge. You need to smash 2 plates, and I kept on getting only one. Then I went over and tried my luck at another throwing game with “cats” standing up on a shelf, you had to knock 3 down… I wasn’t very good at that one either. I then went to a game where you have to pop balloons with darts, the guy that was working there said even if I missed everything I still got a prize, and so… of course… I missed everything, I got a little fish as a prize. Then I played again, and he said that he would give me four darts and count each one as 2 pops. I hit 4 balloons and got a bigger stuffed animal. Then I went to the guess your age thing (while I was standing in line for the autographs some girls said that I looked 23, so I said what the hell…), and evidently they were right cause the girl that was doing the guessing was way off, so I got another stuffed animal. Not sure what I am going to do with the animals at the moment.

Anyway… gotta get some sleep, its 1 am.


Jeff Healey – Live at Montreux 1999 Track 9

Well… its been a while since I have put anything into this.

So here we go.

Mostly I have just been working non-stop sometimes as many as 80 hours a week. I also got to work nights for two weeks (12 hours per night). That was ok took my laptop in and read the first Harry Potter book (I know… DORK!), it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. We didn’t really have much to do during nights so it was good to have something there.

I have also seen Batman Brgins (that was a while ago when it came out) if you haven’t seen it yet, go see it, it is an amazing film). I went into it thinking that it would be another really bad movie based on the comic book genre, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. I was even more surprised by the new Batman, he was amazing for the part (Christian Bale), very cold and unemotional, just like Batman should be.

I also bought a bunch of movies these past weeks, I got The Godfather Part 2 (still an amazing film), Cheech and Chong (sp?) Up in Smoke (a classic), Shaun of the Dead (hillarious), Rocky (an amazing film), Monty Python’s The Life of Brian (now write it again 1000 times!), Monty Python and The Holy Grail (Fechez la vache).

I also bought some books, George Carlin’s “When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?” (very funny, even though it was quite crude at some points), and The Onion news article collection from 2003-2004 (very funny as well). Also, I bought myself a 20 Gig MP3 Player, I have barely filled half of it with the music that I have.

Last Night I went to the K-Days. That was pretty fun, I just sorta walked around looking at things (and watching people fail miserably at the carney games), then I went over to one of the stages where some guy was doing a Hypnotist act (not so sure that he actually hypnotised them, but it was really funny none the less). Then I walked over to the (what I call) Beer Tent (can’t remember what they really called it) to watch the band that was there play for a bit (some local band doing covers, it wasn’t too bad). Then at about 8-20 I started towards the whole reason that I went there: to see the Jeff Healey Band (pictured below). While I was walking over there I saw some glorified martial arts (looked pretty fake to me, but I was impressed with the little kids breaking boards), they made it look like all they did was throws and stuff, which I know is not true (I was in TaeKwon Do for a couple years).

When I finally got to the stage, there were already about 1000 people sitting and standing around waiting for it (I was half an hour early so I was surprised by this). The concert started more or less on time, and he played a bunch of amazing songs (Hoochie Coochie Man, See the Light, Angel Eyes, and many more) with some of the best guitar solos that I have heard live. He then let his band members play some songs (and sing as well) I wish I knew what the songs were called cause they were pretty damned amazing for songs that were coming from his “back up”, even the second guitarist took lead sometimes and played some solos, as did the bassist. Then he stood up and walked out, but the crowed kept on cheering for him to come back, and he did, and he played one more song: While My Guitar Gently Weeps, which is one of the greatest songs that I have ever heard (he did a very good rendition of it). He even stood up and did a solo (which is pretty hard for someone who is blind to do and not trip over anything). Then, when that was all over, I went to the left of the stage and bought a DVD of another one of his preformances for 25 bucks (kinda steep I guess), then as an addded bonus, he was signing autographs, so I waited in line for that and told him that the set was amazing, and he signed my dvd. Great times!